Unit Sizes / Prices


Vault Self Storage is a very cost effective way to store all the stuff you care about. Here's an example of just some of of unit sizes and corresponding prices .


1.5 m x 1.5 m $85 per month

3 m x 1.5 m $100 per month

3 m x 3 m $120 per month

4 m x 3 m $135 per month

4.5m x 3 m $145 per month

6 m x 3 m $180 per month

Car, boats, trailers, Caravans from

 $140 per month


You will find us much cheaper than storage in Melbourne.


In fact, the majority of Melbourne facilities charge our monthly fee per week.


Please don't hesitate to enquire about the price and availability of the sizes you're interested in.

Various Sizes

We can store your Cars, Boats and Caravans too